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UrbiStat is an Italian corporation operating in more than 30 European Countries. Statistical, economic and technological skills enabled UrbiStat to provide high quality data and analysis, accessible through new technologies.

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Our poster with the analysis of the best and worst shopping centers in Italy based on the reviews left by customers.     The best Shopping Center: Oriocenter, Il Centro, Adigeo The worst: Porte di Mestre, Lingotto, Centro commerciale Rescaldina   The best Factory Outlet: Serravalle Design Outlet, Sicilia Outlet Village, Barberino Design Outlet The worst: Mondovicino Outlet Village, Città Sant'Angelo Village, Torino Outlet Village   Download high resolution pdf  Part 1 – Part 2...

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  The ranking presents the results of the analysis conducted on 2,181 grocery stores in Lombardy (an Italian North Region) over the last 3 years (from January 2018 to December 2020). Brand satisfaction was measured using the average rating (number of stars) assigned by users out of a total of 1,031,630 reviews processed using the Monitora software. At the top of the ranking is Tosano, which despite its...

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  How restaurant brands respond to reviews on Google Maps A comparison between Capatoast, BEFED Franchising, DISPENSA EMILIA, LA CAVEJA SRL, KFC US, AMERICA GRAFFITI S.r.l., Rossopomodoro, Domino’s, Löwengrube Italia, Alice Pizza, Fratelli la Bufala, Burger King, McDonald’s, Old Wild West, La Piadineria, Wiener Haus, Sushiko, Pizzikotto Pizzeria e Lifferia, Roadhouse S.p.A.,Chef Express. ...

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A signal of #success is evident from the trend of the number of reviews left online by visitors, finally on the rise. Here is the situation for shopping centers, hypermarkets/superstores and restaurants. #reviewsanalysis #onlinereviews #covid19...

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